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How Do Burglars Look For Home Security?

Here are 7 Signs That Might Help You Answer How Burglars Look For Home Security

Among the most popular questions from house owners is,”How can burglars look to find your dwelling?” In this article you will learn how to keep burglars out. Most people never consider looking for a house to break into when they are away on holiday or at work.

They simply assume that if a house looks empty, it probably doesn’t have valuables inside. This is not necessarily the case. Here are a few areas where thieves look first before attempting to get into a house:

Where do burglars look first

First, look around the outside of a houseDo you see bushes, trees, or grassy areas which may be utilized as an access point to get a break-in? Look especially closely at the exterior of any big trees, overhanging eaves, or overgrown doors and windows. A person can easily hide under a tree or in a small field of grass, which makes it very difficult for an intruder to notice them without advanced warning.

Second, look around a Lawn or out of a home. This might be more difficult than looking at a house because there are usually more houses around. If you suspect that a backyard is being used as an entry, start digging around the perimeter.

Check to see if anything has been trimmed recently. Dig around fence posts and fences to see if anything has been planted. Anything that appears out of place should be recorded so that if somebody comes back later and thinks about it, then they will have something to jog their memory on.

Third, do burglars look first to a home’s garage? Most likely not, but sometimes people drive out of the driveway, take off their car and walk into the garage. Be conscious of any cars parked in the driveway or around the home that you do not recognize.

This could mean that there was a break-in just before you got there. Take note of the color of the interior of the vehicle too, as it might be a hint to where a possible burglar may be hiding.

Fourth, does the appearance of the lawn match with the outside appearance? Things like trees and bushes that are planted in a way to resemble shrubbery could be a sign that somebody has been there.

Does the fence fit up to the size of the home? A fence that is too small or big to the property is frequently where do burglars look first. Do people have a tendency to walk in different directions when coming in and going out? Some folks move toward homes they enjoy and some move toward homes they don’t.

Fifth, are there lots of signs of damage or fail on the property? Beds could be ruined from years of water damage and insect infestation. If the base has sunk, then it’s probably a sign that someone is looking at your premises.

Sixth, do you recognize any unusual scratches or holes on the outside of the house? These can indicate that a person has been using tools around the outside of the home to gain entry. Can you find any signs of vandalism or what seems to be human feces in the lawn or around bushes? These are all signs that a criminal has been on the lookout for entry into your property.

Knowing how do thieves look first? You need to have the ability to recognize their signs before you attempt to apprehend them. If you aren’t familiar with this part of investigating your own house, there are loads of professionals who can help you.

In fact, it’s a fantastic idea to get a professional opinion if you have any questions about a possible crime scene or suspicious activity. Whether you hire an investigator or not, the bottom line is that you need to know what burglars look for before you attempt to protect yourself or your loved ones.


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