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Why Master Locks Are Not Safe?

Ever wonder why are master lock keys not available with most contemporary home safes? A lot of folks do and they are dying to know the solution. In case you have ever looked into purchasing a house safe and also asked the salesperson , you were likely to get a resounding”there is no way that we will make that kind of crucial”. Most people don’t realize it but the vast majority of home safes in the united states are made with keys which are shared between the master and the key-holder. The reason for this is that a master key permits you unfettered access to all of the contents inside of the secure, whereas a key-holder has access only to those particular keys.

why are masterlock locks not safe

This sharing of secrets has caused some significant security issues. Because so many individuals have access to the keys, so a criminal can easily cut through a pair of keys and get to the contents without anyone noticing. There have also been many reports of people denying their secrets behind fireplace mantels or other apparently protected locations and finding their way into the house. It is for all these reasons why many safes use master lock keys.

Not only do you need to be concerned about criminals breaking in and getting into your house, but there is also the chance of unauthorized access to a protected. With the availability of multiple keys, a burglar can easily obtain access to your possessions. Having only one key for a safe eliminates this dilemma. In addition, should you happen to forget your key, you can easily reset it. This may be problematic if you are away from the safe for an extended period of time as you can never tell when you may need to enter it again.

Master locks come in various shapes and sizes. They also serve a variety of uses. For instance, safes with key slots allow you to add another layer of security. These can be utilised along with a fingerprint or keypad scanning systems. If you want to make sure that only you are able to open your safe, this can be done by getting deadbolts on the outer and inner faces of the safe. These are more effective at keeping intruders out since they lock the keys inside.

Another reason why safes with master locks aren’t always secure is their comparative fragility. Most safes require a couple of weeks to crack down. Even if they had been constructed to be resistant to attacks from terrorist groups, they are not invulnerable. Any quantity of pressure, whether it’s physical or electronic, can cause a safe to crumble. This fragility makes them bad choices to be used in residential locations.

The last aspect to consider is portability. Keyless entry safes are easier to take with you when going on trips or short vacations. Nevertheless, this might be a mistake. Some criminals decide to break into houses and leave behind evidence by using master lock keys to operate their illegal apparatus. Safes should be kept fastened.

What if you are in the habit of leaving your safe in plain sight? How will you realize when you’ve forgotten the combination or when someone else has calmed with the protected? One way to protect against this is to have a crisis keypad installed. You can be sure that should you forget your combination, the very first person in your list will know. He can double-check the amounts and phone you back to double check before you have to start the safe.

The bottom line is that most safes with master lock keys are not worth investing in. They pose a very real and immediate risk of theft. While this may be the case, there are other less obvious threats to your security. If you’re going to buy a secure, you may as well purchase the best safe you could spend. Safes are not just about safety.


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